McKenzie and Kyle

Our Story

Our story began one weekday morning in December of 2016. McKenzie was “Hard at work” behind the front desk at a well-known dentist office in Pearland, Tx. Kyle just so happened to have an appointment while she was working. When Kyle walked in for his appointment, McKenzie ran to the back room in fear of being caught awkwardly staring. She doesn’t know, but Kyle saw her before she made her exit and he was the one awkwardly staring at her. So, Kyle went in to the back for his appointment with this beautiful, blonde girl still on his mind. When the dentist came in, the conversation went as usual until we came to an ending point. The dentist asked Kyle if he was currently seeing anyone. Kyle, a bit confused answered “no sir.” The dentist said, “wait here, I have something for you!”. The dentist had walked up to the front desk and asked McKenzie if she would write down her number on the back of his business card so he could, in turn, give it to Kyle. McKenzie thought this was far too embarrassing and did not write her number down. Thankfully, the dentist himself wrote down McKenzie’s number on his card and headed back to the chair where Kyle was sitting. When the dentist came back in the room, he handed Kyle his business card and said, “I have someone who works for me, that you need to date. I think y’all would be perfect together!” Kyle didn’t know what to think. He came in for a teeth cleaning and walked out with a girl’s phone number. McKenzie was nowhere to be seen when Kyle came back to the front to check out. So, he checked out and left. It took Kyle almost the whole day to work up the courage to contact McKenzie. After only seeing each other briefly that day, they knew there was something special. McKenzie even went home that day after seeing Kyle and told her mom that she saw the man she was going to marry. We thank God every day that our paths crossed and that a very outgoing dentist helped merge those two paths.

Susan Moyal